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Putting You First is Our Priority.

About Us

Your Goals are Our Goals. Period. 

Putting you first is our priority.

Our firm is independent, which means that we are not beholden to any company’s goals or relationships which could impact our recommendations to you. As a Certified Financial Planner™, we are a fiduciary financial planner, which means we are bound to put your interests ahead of our own. (See Why Choose A CFP?)

Over the years we have found three things in common when we meet with someone initially:

  1. Most haven't received the necessary education and/or information to make major financial decisions in their lives.
  2. For those who have a relationship with an existing financial advisor, they share that the conversation has often been limited to investments.  They are understandably wary of being "sold to" because that has been their experience.  
  3. Very few report having ever had someone sit down and review their entire financial picture. Unfortunately, they haven't had someone show them how all of the pieces of their financial puzzle, which are highly interrelated, fit together.

As a result of these commonalities, we realized we wanted to offer our clients a different experience. Therefore, we spend a good deal of time with our client's reviewing each part of their financial picture.  That may involve making calls with the client to their accountant, attorney, insurance agent, social security administration, or other professional or agency.  It may also include reviewing beneficiaries on all accounts, titling documents, tax returns, wills and trusts.  

It is an extensive list because we know how difficult this can be to do on your own.  How many times have we told ourselves, "I'll get to that next month."  We have found that if we partner with you, working on each piece together, you are more likely to stay on track, and feel more confident about yourself and your financial future. 

As a fiduciary, it is our obligation to be transparent about our fees and costs.  We offer different fee structures based on our client's needs and the services provided.  Before any work is performed, we will always review our fees in plain English and answer any questions you have.