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Defying Gravity

We Rise By Lifting Others

For Women

Statistics show that 90% of women are or will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives.* Unfortunately, women often do not know where to turn for trusted advice and tell us they often don't know what questions to ask when meeting with someone.  In a male dominated industry, HSB Retirement Planning Specialists is ready to educate and empower women to take control of their future.

As women, we have faced many of the same challenges you have.  We know how hard it is to balance home and work life, which may include taking care of children and aging parents.  We often put others' needs ahead of our own, believing we will care for ourselves later.  Too often we put ourselves at the bottom of our priority list, if we make the list at all.  

Fear can be a powerful motivator to avoid looking at your financial picture.  There have been times in my life when I have been paralyzed by fear and consequently have done nothing to avoid making a "bad" decision only to learn later that I made the situation even worse by avoiding the issue.  

To top that off, because we are often pulled in so many directions, we are afraid to go down the rabbit hole when it comes to finding someone to work with.  Or perhaps we feel shame because of the choices we have made in our past.  We are not here to judge.  We have all made our own share of mistakes in this life.  No one comes out unscathed.  What we are here to empower you to take control of your financial life and to partner with you so you don't have to do it alone.

By partnering with women, we want to help them learn to invest in themselves.  The more financially fit and organized you feel the the more attention and focus you can give to the people you love and the interests you are passionate about.  Even the smallest investments can help energize and restore you.  

Our team is extremely knowledgeable and can be of great benefit to you by helping you fully understand what’s happening with your money at every stage of your financial journey.  By sitting down with you and understanding your needs and dreams, we can better serve as your guide for life’s big decisions so you can live the life you envisioned.