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Unique Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Our Solutions

We are committed to maximizing our client’s financial situation while equipping them with a better understanding of their overall financial picture, educating them about their options and providing them with objective financial advice. We are keenly aware of how taxes can affect your overall financial situation and specialize in creating tax efficient strategies for our clients.*  

We offer both comprehensive financial planning services,  limited planning services based on your individual needs, and investment/portfolio management.  Our service agreement will outline what you can expect to receive in terms of plan deliverables, and we together we will create a communication plan outlining number of review meetings, phone updates, email correspondence, etc so we can meet your on-going communication needs.  

Retirement Planning

Some of the questions we may review include the following:

  • Are you going to have enough if you retire?
  • What accounts should you withdraw from and when (e.g. 401K, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 457b, Simple IRA)
  • When should you claim social security? 
  • How can you plan to maximize income and minimize taxes?
  • If you work past age 65 when should you apply for Medicare?
  • How could inflation or living longer than you expect affect your plan?

Investment Planning

Some of the questions we may review include the following:

  • When do you need to reach your goals?
  • How much do you have to invest now or incrementally, as time goes by to reach your goal?
  • How much risk are you comfortable with?
  • Do you understand how your investments are taxed?  Have tax saving strategies been evaluated?
  • Reviewing your current assets to help you understand what you own, why you own it and how much it is costing you to own it.

Risk Management Planning

Some of the questions we may review include the following:

  • Has any shown you how you and your family might be affected if one of the following were to occur: a premature death, disability, unemployment, damage to assets like your house or car, or if a significant healthcare event were to occur?
  • Has anyone ever sat down and reviewed each of your insurance policies with you so you understand: what is covered, what is it costing you, do you have too much or too little coverage since your needs change over time.
  • We are happy to review all of your policies for life, disability, health, long term care, home and auto to help you understand the questions listed in the previous bullet point.

Estate Planning

Some of the questions we may review include the following:

  • Do you have a will, a living will or a health care proxy and when was the last time it was reviewed? 
  • If you have a Power of Attorney (POA) do both you and the appointed individual understand the terms of the agreement?
  • If you have a trust, do you understand how it works and what assets are titled in the trust?  Has anyone reviewed the titles of your assets?
  • Do you understand the tax liability left for your loved ones at your death? Has anyone reviewed ways to minimize taxes with you?
  • When is the last time life insurance policies were reviewed to ensure the death benefit or guarantees have not changed? 

Small Business Planning

Some of the questions we may review include the following:

  • Have you separating out your personal and business goals?
  • Has someone reviewed funding and debt management options with you?
  • Has anyone every evaluated your liquidity status?
  • Do you understand your income tax liability and are you aware of all the existing tax minimization strategies that could potentially lower your tax bill?
  • When is the last time your business retirement plan was reviewed? 
  • Do you have a plan in place in the event you retire or prematurely pass to keep the business operational?

Education Savings

Some of the questions we may review include the following:

  • Do you understand what savings options are available to you such as the 529 College Savings Plan and the Coverdell Education Savings account? 
  • Has anyone ever explained the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) to you and how the various assistance programs work?
  • Has anyone every completed an Education Tax Credits Review for you?

For our clients, we will give access to a Wealthvision account powered by eMoney.  The Vault is an included, impressive feature that allows a client to securely store important documents & view them online whenever needed.

* Neither LPL Financial, nor its registered representatives, offer tax or legal advice. We suggest you consult with a qualified tax advisor to discuss your specific situation.